Reflex Inhibition of Electrically InducedMuscle Cramps in Hypohydrated Humans

Skeletal muscle cramps that occur during or shortlyafter exercise have been termed exercise-associatedmuscle cramps (EAMC). These muscle cramps arehighly prevalent in athletic populations (3,8,36) and thephysically active (25). In fact, 73% (102/139) of heatrelatedinjuries experienced in American football wereEAMC (8). In triathletes, 67% (1631/2438) complained ofEAMC under a variety of training conditions (14). Despitetheir prevalence, the etiology of EAMC is unclear.


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Electrolyte and Plasma Changes After Ingestionof Pickle Juice, Water, and a CommonCarbohydrate-Electrolyte Solution

Health care professionals advocate that athleteswho are susceptible to exercise-associated muscle cramps(EAMCs) should moderately increase their fluid and electrolyteintake by drinking sport drinks. Some clinicians havealso claimed drinking small volumes of pickle juiceeffectively relieves acute EAMCs, often alleviating themwithin 35 seconds. Others fear ingesting pickle juice willenhance dehydration-induced hypertonicity, thereby prolongingdehydration.


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More Water Please

With the summer rapidly approaching, keeping yourself hydrated becomes especially important.  Here is an article discussing why keeping yourself hydrated is important, how much water you need, and whether you should use a sports drink or just plain water…More Water Please

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