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Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Standing on the sidelines at the Superbowl, sitting courtside at the finals of the US Open, watching the World Series from the dugout; these are the situations that lead many massage therapists into the field of sports massage.  The possibility of living something we may only have watched on television since we were young is […]

The Forgotten Edge

When it comes to running, there is plenty of equipment out there— and gimmicks to match—designed to help you train, keep you healthy, and improve your performance. Yet with all the hype over these tools, there is one piece of equipment that seems to get lost in the shuffle—your body. Taking care of yourself can […]

“Home in the Marsh” Update

Well my time here in Brussels is quickly coming to an end.  It has been a great tournament in a beautiful city.  Yesterday we had a bit of time to take in some of the shops and to buy some souvenirs.  This is definately a city that I would return to for a bit of […]

Beer, Waffles, and Chocolate…Oh My!

Well I made it to Brussels and have settled in.  Play has begun and matches are going well.  We are staying at the Royal Windsor Hotel right downtown and the city is amazing.  Right out our back door are numerous restaurants and bars so of course I had to try the large variety of beer […]

Check the diaphragm

If you have a client to seems to have limited thoracic rotation one way or the other, a very effective fix is to release the diaphragm.  Since the diaphragm attaches along the inside of the ribcage, restrictions in the muscle can lead to decrease mobility in the thoracic spine.

More Water Please

With the summer rapidly approaching, keeping yourself hydrated becomes especially important.  Here is an article discussing why keeping yourself hydrated is important, how much water you need, and whether you should use a sports drink or just plain water…More Water Please

Keeping Your Resolutions on Track

Every January 1st millions of Americans wake up after a long night of celebrating and swear that the upcoming year will be full of changes, better known as “resolutions”.  The recurrent underlying theme is that people want to take better care of themselves.  Two of the most common resolutions year after year are “I am […]